Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash

A Limited Budget Doesn’t Have to Keep You From Traveling

I’m writing this from my own personal experiences traveling in Southeast Asia and Europe for three years (and counting).

My story in 100 words or less

Traveling on a Thai sleeper train. Photo by SK Camille.

Cost Categories

The Flight Over


A typical dorm bunk in Southeast Asia. Photo by SK Camille.

Food & Drink

My favorite meal in Chiang Khong, Thailand — cost 30 baht (about $1). Photo by SK Camille.

Other Costs

Key: Minimize expenses back home.


A neighborhood street in Chiang Khong. Photo by SK Camille.

I write about change, growth, authenticity, and faith, with warmth and optimism. She/hers.

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